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Sinulog Fest
Sinulog Festival Fest by doctian

The Colorful Sinulog Festival

Cebu City is one of the most visited Tourist Spot in the Philippines locally and International. This city is famous on their festivals which is base on religious beliefs. The colorful Sinulog Festival covers the biggest and grandest festival in Cebu. This is one of the glorious feasts for their saint, the Santo Nino de Cebu. The Sinulog festival is an annual celebration of the Cebuano, this is held every third Sunday on the month of January.

Sinulog Festival by eyelags

The festival is a dance ritual and this is to honor their patron, the Holy child or the Santo Nino. The people dances with their hearts and with a beat of a drum. This is what they called resemblance of the current or the flow of what was known to the Cebu’s Pahina River, which in Cebuano it means Sinulog.

Cebu festival celebrates it with dances and loud drums, and they honor it to all their saints.

The main event is a colorful street dancing parade. This focuses on the dance rituals. The locals and tourist flock into the streets to watch the main event. The people would shout “Pit Senor” throughout the parade in honor of their saint, the Grand parade is held at the last day of the Sinulog festival.

Sinulog by szhindee

Before the parade, in the morning they first start a boat procession for the Santo Nino, the statue were surrounding by beautiful flowers, candles and relics. The festival has other activities also like contest, marathon, and photo contest. They also have beauty pageants, dance contest and film fest.

As a local tourist, in traveling around the Philippines, many of the festivals I have witness, Cebu festival greeted me with warm smiles, bright and colorful costumes and other paraphernalia’s which made them so very unique. The costumes were amazing, beautiful dancers and drummers. The floats are outstanding, very creative. The young ones also join the parade and they dress as Santo Nino. They truly emphasize the meaning of their festival. They greet us with their warm smiles, very hospitable people and warm. When grand parade has about to start, the people gather around the town to witness the ritualistic dance of the Cebuano’s.

The week of Sinulog festival

Street dance by monalings

This is a week festival they have many activities before the main event. I have watched beauty pageants, the crowning of the queen, after that, concerts are held. Celebrities also join in celebrating the Sinulog. Many locals do not miss concerts and parties like this especially when celebrities are around to make the town feels the fun and excitement of the feast.

As Sinulog Festival is about to end, I manage to go around the town, to try some foods, to see some great places, meet some locals and try new things that Cebu is proud of all i can say everything is great.


  1. Do you have any video of that? I

  2. I miss my Cebu! I got back last Wednesday just as all the Sinulog festivities were stnatirg. I love how Cebuanos pay more attention to fashion now, I mean sure, comfort is still a staple but like the photos above I love how they put quirky details and play with the way clothes fit. Looking forward to your Sinulog coverage post (if you do make one ;])!

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