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Masskara Festival the City Of Smiles

The Masskara festival the City of smiles, in Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is where the festival originated. The mask is the symboof the festival. On the month of October, this marks the beginning of the most anticipated Masskara festival.

Masskara Pics by smilebcd101

Sugar capital of the Philippines.This has large sugar plantations and it can supply the country with sugar. Bacolod City is its capital and it is the center of business, commerce and finance. This city has oil plantations and companies, factories, agri- business and allied industrial businesses.

Bacolod is the great city of smiles and they are very proud of their culture and they are very warm and hospitable. This place has many culture sites, antique houses and old churches.

The biggest Bacolod Festival is the famous Masskara festival which features smiling masks, colorful and creative costumes, street parades and they also have fairs and carnivals. This is like the Mardri Gras in Brazil. Celebrated on the third week of October, this is the time when tourism on this place shoots up.

The smiling mask is the symbol of the Masskara festival

Masskara festival by pompejunior

The word Masskara comes from the word “mass” which means crowd, “kara” means face. The people of Bacolod celebrate it with a smiling face mask and colorful costumes.

In this famous Bacolod festival many tourists and visitors were amaze by the uniqueness of the people here.

The creativity and the oneness of the community that made this festival very successful and exciting, many activities in this feast last for a week.This great experience being in this kind of festival is one of the best I have gone. The finest and the most fun festival in the Philippines, the people here are very positive, they always wear a smile on their on their faces. They are very warm and hospitable. I may say it’s more in the Philippines when you experience this masque parade festival.Masskara Street dance by abeachbumslife

Masskara Street dance

Before the parade begins, tourist and locals gather on the streets while waiting for the parade to start. I meet many kind of people here, many restaurants offer great and delicious meals and yummy desserts.

This place is not just the Sugar capital this is one of the most visited Beautiful spots in the Philippines.  Do not miss to visit in the Masskara Festival, many fun and exciting things to do here. Many destination spots that you must discover and share it to the world how wonderful it is.


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