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Dinagyang Festival

Iloilo’s Pride: The Dinagyang Festival

Iloilo’s Pride, the  Dinagyang Festival means to make people happy, from the root word dagyang. This is a yearly celebration for the Iloilo people. It is celebrated every fourth week of January to give their tribute to Holy Jesus Christ and Viva Señor Santo Niño and to commemorate the Christianization of Natives of Iloilo. The Dinagyang Festival is held in Iloilo City.

Dinagyang festival by riknavena

People celebrate their festival by means of dancing the famous “Hala Bira” while shouting Viva Señor Santo Niño. People flock on the streets making the community alive, fun and exciting. The main event comes with a colorful street dancing parade and displaying their very unique costumes originally made by themselves.  They are painting the town black. They painted themselves black because it is an Aeta culture. The town rejoices, shouting and screaming, telling about their culture and how proud they are.

Dinagyang Street Dance by nicolemartirez

Things to know about the  Dinagyang festival

  • Ati Ati dance competition is the main highlight of the festival.
  • Kasadyahan Street Dancing- a dance completion which includes the Ati- Atihan etnic groups and the Iloilo Tribes.
  • A religious celebration, which honors their devotion to the Santo Nino de Cebu in the Parish of San Jose.
  • Street Dancing Competition. The students and other ethnic groups competes each other with the beat of live drums as their music.
  • Don’t forget to buy a Dinagyang souvenir
  • You can explore their culture and delicacies.
  • You can experience the loud dance music along the street of Iloilo with the stacks.

Tourist and visitors take part in this biggest Festival in Iloilo City. This is also similar to the Brazilian Festival which is The Madri Gras. It is wild, loud and dazzling.  The costumes and the artistic floats during street dancing parade shows the people’s artistic views. People come and visit this enormous festival with fun activities like concerts, beauty pageants, fun run and other contest.

Memorable experience by Dinagyang Festival

Dinagyang fest by riknavena

The Tourist attractions in the Philippines that you shouldn’t miss is the city of Iloilo. Iloilo is rich in culture and religion. Dinagyang Festival is one of the best main attractions for tourists and visitors in the city. Come and visit the beautiful and amazing places in the Visayan region. People are very hospitable and warm. Join the festival and enjoy the fun and excitement that this festival brings. Discover their cultures and religion and don’t miss to explore some of the destinations on the place.

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  1. Hello,Yes, kalibo Ati-Atihan is rellay one of the great festival Here in Aklan. since of my childhood I often witness the celebration and I am glad to tell you that you will rellay enjoy watching the parade and more better you join the parade. Quite amazing experience you won’t get tired of dancing at the middle of the crowd. After all it’s is also a great way of expressing your devotion to St. nino. httphrefa

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