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Different places of Tourist Spots in the Philippines in which amazing spot has been made.

Historical City of Vigan Ilocos Sur

Vigan Ilocos Sur

The Historical City of Vigan Ilocos Sur located in Northern Luzon and , this city has the unique influence of the Spanish colonies in their local architectural designs which made this place very charming and unique. The establish remnants of the Spanish architecture established in the 16th century where it is one of the best in Asia that has a unique European atmosphere. Vigan Ilocos Sur, this is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines and it is one of the few Hispanic towns in the country. This has cobblestone streets that are famous here and an oriental ...

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Alaminos Hundred Islands

Alaminos Hundred Island

The Alaminos Hundred Islands are a God-given and a wonderful creation that has been here for a hundred years. This is the pride of the people from Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Many visit this wonderful islands and this is also known worldwide. Many people were amaze from the different structure and elements that are present in these so-called Hundred islands Pangasinan. Pangasinan is a place of majestic landscapes and natural wonders, the weather is hot and people are hospitable and warm, and have creative traditions and culture. This is one of the best Philippine tourist spots which everyone can enjoy with ...

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The Majestic Mayon Volcano

Mount Mayon

The majestic Mayon Volcano or also called Mount Mayon. It is an active volcano in the Philippines and it has erupted 50 times in the past years. The Mayon is one of the best and perfect volcanic cones in the world. This volcano is active and erupted in the year 1993, 2000 and 2006 . It reaches 2,463 meters high in the province of Albay, In Bicol Region in Luzon. It is ion the heart of Legazpi City. The Volcanologist classified the Mayon volcano as a stratovolcano, its perfect cone shape formed trough the lava flows from its past eruptions. ...

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The Amazing Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands photos

Have you already choose a Beautiful spots in the Philippines where you can have your family vacation? Where you can have fun and relax at the same time and everyone can enjoy outdoor activities, and who loves the sun? One of the destination which offers great value, beautiful beaches, great resorts and wonderful scenery is the amazing Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. Pangasinan is a place where you can find majestic landscapes and natural wonders, very warm and hospitable people, and has creative traditions and culture. One of the best Beautiful Spots in the Philippines is located in the North which ...

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Feel The Excitement at Bohol Island!

Chocolate Hills

One of the Philippine tourist destinations and attractions is Bohol due to its low cost, secure and safe, and most significant place to go to if one is on a budget, throughout seek of The almighty, associated with captivating natural beauty hotspots, regarding leisure and sports activities, associated with arts, culture and history, of peaceful and balance, of livelihood tasks such as initial farming endeavors along with income-generating residence sectors, or simply a comfortable and pleasant place away from home, or possibly all of the above. Extremely reachable by the plane or even through the sea coming from  Manila Philippines or ...

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The Wonderful Palawan Island

Wonderful Coron Reef

The wonderful Palawan Island is one of the most Wonderful places in the Philippines. It is located on the Western board and it is also one of the largest provinces in terms of land area. This is one of the protected islands in the Philippines, because of the fish and wildlife sanctuary and its beautiful corals. This wonderful Palawan Island is considered the number one Philippine tourist spot in the country because of it beautiful seascapes and many great places to visit. Many tourists are coming to experience the Palawan Tourist Spots sites and breath-taking views here in the place. ...

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Boracay the Island Paradise


Boracay the Island Paradise is one of the Philippines tourist attractions and this is the place where the filipino people can be proud of, belong to the top 10 most visited tourist destination during summer, one of the coolest place in earth the Island Paradise where you can define life when you were here. Its white sand and clear water is the best thing it has that’s why tourist keep on coming back. Bora is the place where you can spend with Friends, Family, Love ones  and this is the place to escape from stress and problems and the best place ...

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