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Boracay Island

Boracay the Island Paradise

Boracay the Island Paradise is one of the Philippines tourist attractions and this is the place where the filipino people can be proud of, belong to the top 10 most visited tourist destination during summer, one of the coolest place in earth the Island Paradise where you can define life when you were here. Its white sand and clear water is the best thing it has that’s why tourist keep on coming back. Bora is the place where you can spend with Friends, Family, Love ones  and this is the place to escape from stress and problems and the best place to enjoy and relax.


I was with my friends when i first came here, and we really enjoyed it. We get the cheapest fare that season , so we travel 5 hours early to reach CLARK Pampanga for our Air journey. It was also my first time to ride an airplane and Tiger Airways has a nice service . As we reach Kalibo Airport about an Hour, we rode a VAN for another 1 and ½ hour of travel by Land to reach the port . We rode a motor boat for less than 10 mins then we already reach the Island Paradise. Despite of lack of budget we still find boracay a happy place to live and to unwind. I was so lucky even if i came here in the first week of July (rainy season) the weather favorably given me the chance to enjoy the beach, sand and how the sun kissed my skin And the night party is the best part here were you can wear your night  Drinking, dancing and watching POI dancers dresses on the shore  meeting different people and seeing them enjoying our finest Boracay .

boracay beach

It is very tempting to take home some amount of Boracay Island’s powdery white sand as souvenir, but think twice before doing so. And for those who’s interested in snorkeling should head to the eastern coast, but should be cautious of the rips. Several little sandy bays around the Island give beachcombers a spot to relax away from the more popular beaches, the White Beach and Diniwid Beach which boasts more cost-effective accommodations. As we reach our last day we Finally enjoy the market place there, were you can buy your souvenir’s. Enjoy the green clear water combined with colorful corals and small fishes creates enthusiasts and perfect scenery in that place.

It was hard to leave Bora for short but we just came there for a vacation and be back to manila to face the reality of life.

Wind Surfing

In the Island Paradise there’s a lot of activities going on like Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing, Waterskiing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Zipline Adventure, Mountain Bike Cruising,Trekking and many more.

So what are you wating for come and visit Boracay Beach Resort the one of the Philippines tourist attractions.

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  1. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the great spirit

  2. I miss Boracay . I lived there for around 7 mohnts around 3 years ago as well (and yep I am very aware of the typhoon that struck us back then) but nevertheless, the place still looked beautiful. Happy JB.============================

  3. great information on this page , truly beneficial

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