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Alaminos Hundred Island
Alaminos Hundred Island

Alaminos Hundred Islands

The Alaminos Hundred Islands are a God-given and a wonderful creation that has been here for a hundred years. This is the pride of the people from Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Many visit this wonderful islands and this is also known worldwide. Many people were amaze from the different structure and elements that are present in these so-called Hundred islands Pangasinan.

Pangasinan is a place of majestic landscapes and natural wonders, the weather is hot and people are hospitable and warm, and have creative traditions and culture. This is one of the best Philippine tourist spots which everyone can enjoy with their families and friends. Each island has its national park which every visitors and tourist can stay overnight or have a picnic over the white sands of the island.

Governors Island

One of the parks that are fully developed in Alaminos Hundred Islands is known as the Governor Island, this is also good for family outings and for people who love fun. The island has a complete accommodation facility, which is good for people who want to stay longer. Other destination is the Children’s park, which has shallow waters so it is good for families with children on the trip. This island is best suited for budgeted travelers. The largest among the parks is the Quezon Island this is the most visited park in Alaminos Hundred Islands.  These three islands are the most develop and most visited by tourist and other locals.

Hundred Islands Alaminos

Many activities are also present in your island adventure trip. One of this is the island hopping where you can see the entire beautiful island and discover what is in there. Discovering new things is a way to see the wonders and creations of God. You learn to appreciate things and tell the world how wonderful and great it is. If you are in the island, swimming is the best thing to do, enjoy the sun and feel the cool waters. For people who love to dive and want to explore the creatures under the sea, snorkeling is the best outdoor activities for them. Fishing is also a fun thing to do in an island. Experience also bird watching where everyone can see kinds of birds and other species on the islands.

Hundred Islands Pangasinan

The Philippine tourist spots  Alaminos Hundred Islands is one of the amazing places where everyone can explore the true wonders of nature. Explorers and wanderers often seek an adventure that this island can produce. Tourists and visitors carry their experiences when they leave the place. The memories of each island visit are a stress relieving and a place to unwind. People do not miss this Hundred islands Pangasinan where this can package all the adventures and the ideal accommodation.

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